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Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5000

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Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5000

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Print larger than life with the iPF5000 large format graphic arts printer. A new 12-colour pigment ink system ensures a wider colour gamut with improved gradation and colour consistency for outstanding 17” life-like reproduction.


  • 17” (A2+) output with high productivity
  • Super-high image quality with new 12 colour full pigment ink system
  • Outstanding reproduction quality – wide colour gamut, improved gradation and reduced granularity, colour calibration
  • High media flexibility
  • Versatile - 4 media paths

Detailed Features

The new 12-colour full pigment ink system of the iPF5000 large format printer is guaranteed to get you noticed. A wide colour gamut, assured gradation and precise colour calibration gives 17” output that is consistently outstanding. Add productive performance and versatile media compatibility and you have the ideal choice for graphic arts companies.

Superior image quality

The iPF5000 incorporates Canon’s new 12 ink full colour pigment ink system. A new one-inch dual print head gives reproduction of 1200 dpi with a 4 Pl droplet size and a total of 30,720 nozzles. Additional RGB colours ensure a wider colour gamut; grey and photo grey ensure better granularity, high colour stability, and pigment ink ensure that output is stable in lit conditions.

Ideal for graphic arts

The eye-catching print quality of the iPF5000 makes it the perfect machine for graphic arts companies and infinitely flexible for a variety of applications:

Light resistant and beautiful colour reproductions make it ideal for poster creation.

The colour development capabilities on matt paper ensure signs that will always stand out.

Large format fine art and photo printing will give impressive results thanks to great colour development through the special inks, and consistency via grey and light grey inks.

Expect proofs of the highest quality with less graininess than on conventional pigment ink devices.

Flexible media handling

As a device geared for graphic arts production, the iPF5000 is designed to deal with a wide variety of media types. Plain paper, CAD, recycled, glossy, proofing, synthetic, poster, fine art, sign media – they’re all handled effortlessly with the iPF5000.

Always productive

The iPF5000 is designed with performance in mind. Connection is either via the latest-generation, high-speed USB 2.0 interface, or ethernet, which ensures flexible outstanding production at twice the level of some competitor devices. And as it you would expect from Canon, the iPF5000 is built to keep on running so reliability is a given. The integrated cutting device won’t let you down either and keeps on performing for years to come, without ever needing replacement.


You’ll be up and running with the iPF5000 in no time: the device incorporates 4 paths of media feed – a roll, cassette and two manual - and automatic switching of roll media. And unlike some large format devices, it’s compact and quiet – so it’s the output not the noise that gets you noticed.

Product Specification


Ink Type
Maximum Print Resolution
Printing Speed
Dimensions, Weight
Power Supply
Operational Environment
Acoustic Noise
Operation Panel Display
Language on LCD


Head Configuration
Nozzle Pitch
Nozzle per chip
Droplet size




Roll Paper
Cut sheet
Media Type
Media size
Media Thickness
Maximum outside diameter of Roll Paper
Media Core Size
Media Width
Minimal Printable Paper Length
Maximum Printable Paper Length
Margins (Top, Bottoms, Sides)
Media Width for Borderless Printing
Roll Holder Set
IEEE1394 Expansion Board


Ink Tank
Print Head
Maintenance Cartridge