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We know printers, we know supplies. We present to you the perfect match.

New stylish packaging. Same brilliant white paper.

For all major brands, in almost every size and colour

For your greatest business ideas

To bring your dreams to life

To ‘wow’ your customers

After 80 years in the media business we have developed supplies for all major printer brands both mono and colour, large and small format for a wide ranging and ever increasing number of applications.

Our paper, toner, ink and consumables are extensively tested and approved to ensure consistent quality and value; a brand and product you can trust to support your business.

Next Steps

Conveniently buy compatible paper, ink and toner for all major brands in one place, and…

… never miss a deadline
Last minute changes or job requests happen and when they do it is easy to say yes only to realise your media or ink stock is too low to complete the job in time. In our one-stop-shop for printer supplies, you can immediately check our stock and if you place your order by 4pm*, your goods will be delivered the next working day ensuring you can confidently say yes to those ad-hoc requests.

… meet and exceed your organisation’s Sustainability objectives
Canon aims to do business responsibly and help you to achieve your CSR objectives and comply with local laws. We believe the innovations and technological advances that we embed into our products should enrich the lives of our customers without harming the environment. Everything we do is based on our Japanese corporate philosophy of Kyosei, which translates as ‘living and working together for the common good’.

… high quality that you can rely on
In this price driven market, it is difficult to know what will be delivered but with Canon, you can be sure of high quality thanks to the vigorous testing we subject our medias to. By maintaining close relationships with paper manufacturers we make sure that you can count on consistent prices.

… application growth opportunities
In the largest media compatibility database available online, you will easily find the media, rips and software that you need for your large or small format printer.

*Delivery times vary per country, please consult your local Canon website for more information.