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FAQ ID: L00000101
Release date: 26-Jan-11

FAQ: Important announcement regarding image originality verification function for OSK-E3, DVK-E1 or DVK-E2 accessories for digital SLR cameras


There is a possibility that retouched images (i.e., images that have been edited with image editing software) could be incorrectly verified as authentic if the data is altered to cause the image originality verification function to make incorrect determinations.

Helpful Information:

It has come to our attention that image data may be altered in a way that causes the image originality verification function of the affected products to make incorrect determinations about whether the images being verified with these products are authentic.

Information about altering image data has been posted on non-Canon Web sites after an independent, third-party analysis of the firmware and data structure of compatible Canon products. This information can be used to alter image data with the aim of causing an inaccurate indication of authenticity.


Having fully investigated this matter we would like to get in contact with all customers who have previously purchased the DVK-E1, DVK-E2 and OSK-E3. Customers who have purchased any of these products are asked to please contact our Help Desk for more information on the next steps available to them.

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