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FAQ ID: 8200166300
Release date: 13-Jul-09

FAQ: How do I connect the Compact Photo (CP) printer to a computer? (Windows)


Helpful Information:


This section describes how to install the printer driver on your computer.
The printer driver is software that is required to connect the printer to a computer.

  • The following instructions are intended for Windows Vista. The screen images and operations may differ slightly in Windows XP and Windows 2000.
  • When installing / uninstalling the software, please log on to the computer as an Administrator.
  • Do not connect the printer to the computer until the installation of the printer driver is finished.
  • If other USB devices (excluding USB mouse devices and USB keyboards) are connected to the computer simultaneously, the driver may not be installed correctly.
  • This Printing Guide uses the [SELPHY CP760] as an example for explanatory purposes. The [SELPHY CP770] also has the same operational features.

1. Quit any software that is running.

2. Place the [Compact Photo Printer Solution Disk] CD-ROM supplied with your printer into the computer.

3. Click [Run SETUP.EXE] when the following window appears.

If the window above does not appear, click [Start] () > [Computer] or [My Computer] > [CanonCPSD141W] in this order, and double-click [setup].

4. If the following window appears, click [Continue].

5. The following screen will appear. Select the area in which you live.

6. The following screen will appear. Click [English].

7. The following screen will appear. Click [Select Printer].

8. The following screen will appear. Click [SELPHY CP760] (if you are using [SELPHY CP770], ckick [SELPHY CP770] ).

9. The following screen will appear. Click [Next].

10.The following screen will appear. Click [Yes] after reading the content carefully.

11. The installation of the software will start.

12. The following screen appears.

13. Connect the printer to the computer with a commercially available USB cable, and then turn on the printer.

PC's USB terminal
Commercially available USB cable
Printer's USB terminal
<ON> button

14. The following screen will appear. Click [Finish].

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