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Q & A Interview

Anand Subbiah, General Manager of Ubiqz

Picture_Anand-Subbiah-UbiqzWhat examples can you give of how you add value to customer purchases? 

We aren’t a distribution company that simply supplies boxes.  We run a full evaluation with every customer, to assess their own specific needs, whilst looking at the robustness of the network. In this process we identify the right software to meet their needs, ensure that it is well-managed ongoing, and continually look to add value to the long-term service we provide.

How does Ubiqz differ from other security distributors?

We invest heavily in our team; employing IT experts and then training them thoroughly in security, so that our customers get the most value from the service we provide. Our team of specialist IT and security experts  tailor security networks to fit with an organisation’s existing infrastructure; we then provide on-going customer support in order to ensure that the system continues to run smoothly and add value.

What will be sparking your customers’ interest at IFSEC 2011?

There is likely to be a buzz around how cameras are becoming more intelligent. Camera technology has evolved and has opened up a whole new world of surveillance - organisations can now look to do something above and beyond monitoring. For example content analytic functions can detect camera tampering or identify if designated objects are moved or removed from a scene, whilst sound detection also allows the camera to be used in environments where it is important to detect changes in volume.

What is your focus for the year ahead?

There will be a serious focus on the transition to IP systems, and in the immediate term, a focus on how analogue and IP systems can be integrated to work together. The future of IP security lies with intelligent cameras and HD quality images; Canon’s technology will keep us at the cutting edge of the network camera sector, while allowing us to continue to offer our customers the highest quality security solutions.

Why are you partnering with Canon?

Canon has a completely unique position in the network camera market with over 70 years of expertise in designing optical technology. This means that we can provide our customers with the best technology available, offering network cameras that combine cutting edge lenses with highly detailed video capture.

Canon’s ambition to become a specialist in network camera solutions fits perfectly with our vision for Ubiqz in the security market and the commitment and support that Canon will provide will help us to continue to grow over the coming years.

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