3D Software Object Modeller (3D S.O.M.)

Canon has developed industry-leading 3D modelling software. Until now, creating a 3-D computer model was expensive and time consuming, requiring specialist skills and hardware. Canon ’s 3D Software Object Modeller (SOM) software requires little input from the user and the only hardware needed is a digital camera.

The object is positioned on a formatted sheet of paper and photographed from 20 different positions. The software then references special markings on the paper to calculate the shape of the object and recreate it. Advanced software features, such as texture blending, mean the model is virtually indistinguishable from the original digital images.

When launched, it will be targeted at the business market. End users are many and varied from archivists storing 3--D product models to retailers selling various items on internet sites.


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3D Software Object Modeller (3D S.O.M.)