Cirque du Soleil

Canon Europe stands proud to enter into its second year as the official sponsor of the European tour of Saltimbanco throughout 2003.

Canon Europe's sponsorship of Saltimbanco’s European tour demonstrates the synergies of a long-term working co-operation between two parties which both strive for outstanding performances of sheer brilliance. As a key element of the company's wider sponsorship and support programme, Saltimbanco has already delighted many thousands of people throughout its performances in 2002, which took place in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vienna, Brussels, Madrid and London.

The performance throughout Saltimbancois poignant, poetic, majestic and moving.   It creates a galaxy of magnificent images which captivate and delight. This show has continued to perform throughout 2003 in some of Cirque du Soleil’s top European cities including Bilbao, Cologne, and Oostende. The 2003 tour of Saltimbanco has also included an exciting first visit to Geneva, Switzerland.

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