Canon Sponsors the ‘Focus on Your World’ UNEP Photographic Competition

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Canon Inc. is supporting the ‘Focus on Your World’ Photographic Competition for the fourth time. Since 1991, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has held three highly successful competitions with our support. These competitions have generated high-level awareness within the photographic community and encouraged increased global public attention to the environmental issues that surround us today.

The theme for this year is ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and the organisers are aiming to use this theme to draw attention to the environmental, cultural and spiritual riches, which we all often take for granted.

The competition was launched in Tokyo on 4 June to coincide with World Environment Day. Canon is contributing financial support by providing prize money and budgets for events and advertising.

"Through sponsoring and supporting the UNEP International Photographic Competition on the Environment," comments Mr Mitarai, "we at Canon can see just by looking at the subjects captured through the lens, that many people around the world pay great attention to environmental problems and are serious in their concern for the future of the Earth."

Nineteen parallel launches took please in key cities and centers around the globe, making it the world’s biggest photographic competition.

"Our corporate philosophy of kyosei means that we believe that a harmonious co-existence with nature and the environment is essential for society to achieve sustainable development,’ says Mr Mitarai. "I hope that the photographers, through the images they have captured, will be able to share the kyosei philosophy with the world."

Competition Dates:
The competition opened on 5 June and closes on 24 October 2004. No entries will be accepted before or after these dates. For hard copy entries, the date of the postmark on the envelope containing the entries will be regarded as the date of entry.

For further details about the competition please visit  Entry forms can be downloaded from the following links :

Link to Entry Forms:
Competition Entry:

Web Entry:

Entry Categories:
Persons 25 or older on 24 October 2004

Persons 15 to 24 on 24 October 2004

Persons 14 or younger on 24 October 2004

Prizes to be awarded:
General Category
Gold Prize (one) US$20,000 and plaque
Silver Prize (one) US$10,000 and plaque
Bronze Prize (three) US$5,000 and plaque
Honorary Mention (forty) plaque

Youth Category
Gold Prize (one) US$5,000 and plaque
Silver Prize (one) US$2,000 and plaque
Bronze Prize (three) US$1,000 and plaque
Honorary Mention (forty) plaque

Children’s Category
Gold Prize (one) US$2,000 and plaque
Silver Prize (one) US$1,000 and plaque
Bronze Prize (three) US$500 and plaque
Honorary Mention (forty) plaque

The UNEP Executive Director’s Special Prize (one)
The Canon Special Prize (one)

Canon products will be presented as supplementary prizes to gold, silver and bronze winners in each category, and the Canon Special Prize winner.

All award winners will be notified of the result after judging. The panel of judges will screen entries during November and December 2004.

Judging Criteria:
The competition is open to both amateur and professional photographers. Photographs will be judged on how well they illustrate the competition theme. Any type of camera, film or memory medium may be used, and photographs may be either colour or black and white. The prize-winning photographs will be displayed at the awards ceremony and may be displayed globally throughout traveling exhibitions and the Internet.

Awards Ceremony and Exhibitions:
Prize winning and honorary mentions photographs will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held in March 2005 in Japan. Only the following winners will be invited to the ceremony as follows:

Gold Prize winner from the General Category
Gold Prize winner from the Youth Category
Gold Prize winner from the Children’s Category
Winner of the UNEP Executive Director’s Special Prize
Winner of the Canon Special Prize

Parent/Guardian of Youth/Children’s Category to be invited as required.

Winners will be responsible for arranging all necessary travel documents required.


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