Background on Yann

Yann in helicopter Born in 1946, Frenchman Yann has always had a passion for nature. When he was 30 years old he moved to Kenya to study the behaviour of lions in the Massai Mara reserve, and it was there that he discovered his passion for photography, taking the photographs that appeared in his first book, Lions (1983). Shooting from a hot air balloon opened his eyes to the beauty of the world from the air.

When he returned to France, Yann became a photojournalist, and had his work published in magazines including Paris-Match, Life and National Geographic. In 1991 he created Altitude – a visual data bank of aerial views taken by photographers from all around the world. And in 1995, under the patronage of UNESCO, he embarked on the ambitious project of creating a scientific data bank of photographs of the Earth from Above.

It was his dream to conduct an in-depth survey of the state of the Earth at the eve of the 21st century. Yann and his team have since flown over more than 150 countries, taking many thousands of photographs from the air.

Earth from Above
Earth from Above
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