Equipment used for Earth from Above

Yann using Canon equipment Yann has been using Canon cameras and lenses since 1976. Up to 10 EOS 1N bodies go into the helicopter with him on any given photo shoot. Yann chooses Canon EF lenses for their large aperture, which allows him to shoot at the high shutter speeds necessary to overcome rotor vibrations. The EF lens’ flat field of focus which ensures detail is sharply resolved right across the entire image – critical for his large format landscape prints.

One of the photographs featured at the Earth from Above exhibition was taken with an EOS-1Ds – Canon’s full-frame 11 Megapixel digital SLR. Until the EOS-1Ds, it would have been impossible to enlarge a photograph to such vast dimensions without degradation in quality of fine detail. After using the EOS-1Ds in the field and testing its capacity,Yann concluded that the EOS-1Ds is capable of delivering equivalent resolution to film cameras – a breakthrough in the world of digital photography.

Earth from Above
Earth from Above
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