Canon Europe launches Océ ImageStream 2400 to extend digital print on offset media applications

LONDON, 25 February 2015 – Canon Europe, world-leader in imaging solutions, is launching the new Océ ImageStream 2400 to bring the power of digital printing on offset-coated media to 20.5” (520mm) paper and 2-up A4 applications.

The Océ ImageStream range, first introduced with the Océ ImageStream 3500 in October 2014, is Canon’s first full-colour inkjet press to print on standard offset-coated paper stock.  The range utilises the latest innovations in high-speed inkjet technology at a native resolution of true 1200dpi, and new ink chemistry to enable printing on a wider range of media then previously possible, including coated and uncoated offset-printing media and lightweight papers, meaning print service providers can mix offset and digital production lines without the need for two different types of paper and without compromising on productivity. 

The Océ ImageStream 2400 brings this new technology to additional applications requiring a print width of 516mm (20.3”) and an optimum printing speed of 160 metres per minute, resulting in an impressive equivalent of 2,154 A4 pages per minute.  

“Since launching the Océ ImageStream 3500 we have received a great deal of positive feedback from our customers,” says Peter Wolff, European Director, Commercial Printing Group, Canon Europe.  “The Océ ImageStream range opens many doors for businesses looking to complement an existing offset workflow with the power of digital print, or move over to a completely digital workflow while retaining the familiar look and feel of offset-coated and lightweight paper.”

“One major element of feedback, however, was the desire for a system that brings this new versatility to a 2-up A4 paper format so that customers can integrate this exciting technology into their existing workflows.  The Océ portfolio already includes a range of systems at this width, so it was a natural step, and one which will be widely welcomed by existing customers and new customers alike.”

The Océ ImageStream 2400 is suitable for a wide range of high-end applications, including books, brochures, magazines and catalogues, combining the familiar image quality and feel of offset print, with the power and versatility of a digital workflow, enabling shorter or combined print runs, personalised content and print-on-demand.  The Océ ImageStream 2400 includes the high-performance and scalable Océ SRA MP controller, which offers uninterrupted printing of multiple jobs at full engine speed.  

“Customers have already told us how the Océ ImageStream system will help them to achieve new levels of productivity and create new business propositions,” said Peter Wolff.  “Now the Océ ImageStream 2400 will bring that proposition to an even wider audience.”

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