Canon Europe launches three new products at Optrafair 2015

LONDON, 10 April 2015 – Canon Europe, leader in imaging solutions, will be announcing three new ophthalmic diagnostic products at the UK’s leading optical exhibition, Optrafair 2015 on 18-20 April. These new solutions include the CR-2 AF – an innovative non mydriatic retinal camera, Canon Opacity Suppression (COS) – a breakthrough in retinal imaging, and Canon Ophthalmic Software Platform Retinal expert (OSP RX) – a new software platform for Canon retinal cameras and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).


Peter Blonk, Head of Medical Imaging, Canon Europe, commented: “Canon has been at the forefront of innovation in ophthalmic diagnostic equipment design since 1976. Our motivation is to improve patient care and we are delighted to now introduce these latest products. We trust our innovations will contribute to the early diagnosis of retinal diseases by eye care professionals.”

The CR-2 AF includes the latest auto focus technology and a large range of additional automated functions to help users effortlessly capture high quality images.  It is equipped with the latest version of a specific Canon digital camera – that uses EOS technology for optimised retinal imaging. Furthermore, a contrast enhancement function emphasizes the differences in brightness and redness of blood vessels and their surrounding areas, supporting the capture of clear, high-quality images during fundus examinations. Additionally, the CR2- AF has a new photography mode that allows experts to obtain images of the anterior segment of the eye in non-invasive Infrared (IR) light. This anterior IR mode is helpful when checking the state of the Meibomian glands, an important factor related to dry-eye conditions.

Canon Opacity Suppression (COS) is a patent-pending revolutionary image processing solution which suppresses the effects of mild cataracts and other ocular opacities which can impede the capture of clear images of the fundus. It enables eye care professionals to more easily examine the optic disc and retinal blood vessels of such patients. Images that were perhaps previously unusable will now provide essential clinical information.

OSP RX is the new software for all current Canon OCT and retinal cameras.  It allows for easy sharing of databases between Canon modalities, has excellent network capabilities, can seamlessly be integrated with other systems and is fully DICOM compliant.  The new OSP RX is very intuitive to use, and also has extensive features.

For further information about these new products, please visit Canon at Stand F85 at Optrafair 2015 or go to:

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