Billboards and banners are web graphics that contains text and or images. They are widely used and can be seen in almost all of our web pages.

Billboards in particular are regarded as high visibility graphics. This is because of its rather huge size (609 x 150 pixels) and occupying the center top position of a page. In effect, billboards serve as the header of a page as it set the mood of the page, a section or a micro site. It is most likely the first to be looked at once a user visit a page. Through billboards, we would be able to quickly communicate our message to the user.

Clearly, billboard has a specific and probably the leading role in the overall presentation of a page. It should be able to give the user what function the page has and it tells the user what to expect. It is therefore essential for a billboard to fit in the overall mood of the page. It should not be seen as a separate element but an integral part of a page. Key to this is the use of images such as people cut outs wherever possible -- as this evokes a warm, human feeling, and would brighten up a design, or convey a thought.

Billboard elements
In principle, Canon Internet billboards ideally should have at least the following attributes: cut out people image(s) and a friendly strap line.

Cutout people images
This refers to the main image of the billboard preferably deeply etched image(s) of people on a white background. The image should always be of good quality and should have a clear facial expression conveying a feeling or a thought. This is essential as the You Can visual language is about people’s empowerment.

Strap line
A concise statement presented in an elegant typography reflecting the page’ main message. Such statement should be formulated in a friendly and conversational tone of voice.

White background
Consistent to Canon literature, billboards should ideally have a white background. This not only makes the page clean and fresh as but it also makes the billboard integrally connected to the entire page. To add a bit of depth, you may also use a cool gradient gray as background of the billboard.

Certainly, this “formula” should be seen more as a guide rather than rules in creating billboards. In this way, there is more chance of delivering consistent look & feel throughout the site.

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