Use of ct_fulltext

Components based on dtd General are commonly published using the component template ct_full text as this can accomodate large amount of text. Contents like press releases, product news or any general information are published using this component template.

Maximising usage


This piece of article for example is published using ct_fulltext. And in this example, you will see how different types of content -- of a General component -- are displayed if ct_fulltext is used. Ct_fulltext is the only ct that can display all contents stored in a General component.

Text areas
The text in Ct fulltext are published using different verdana font attributes. The main title for example is published using bigger font, the first paragraph (the intro text field in dtd general) in light bold gray, subtitle in a dark bold gray and the rest of the text as normal verdana at 11 pixel.

Positioning your images/visuals
You will also notice possible positions where you can place your images visuals -- except for the "title image" where you would be able to put an image and/or text as the article's title. You have for example the positions intro image and main image where you would be able to put images parallel to your text. The maximum image width is 410 -- the maximum width of the column. If the image is smaller, the text would just wrap around the image.

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