We talk of images if we are referring with the following: billboards, banners and pictures – including eventual text that was placed as part of an image. Generally, we use images on the web to reinforce the message we want to bring forward to the user. For Canon in particular – as an imaging company, the use of images is not just a mere visual aid but also serve to demonstrate the company’s superiority in imaging.

Canon recognizes three main image styles for the web namely people, product and supporting images. Each style has its own function and use. People images in particular are ideal for telling consumer stories and help illustrate the brand promise; you can. As such, people images are the ideal to be used for billboards, banners as well as visuals for textual items.

The following file formats can be uploaded to Tridion: jpeg, gif and swf. To learn more about this section please use the link list on the left hand column.

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