XA15 & XA11

Canon CJ45EX13.6B

Establishing a new peak for 4K-lens performance, this ultra-high zoom model is packed with innovative, class-leading technology.

Pioneering performance from an ultra-high zoom 4K lens

The ultimate wildlife and live-sports lens, this 4K model balances stunning optical performance with advanced technology features. Convenient operation and lightweight portability are allied with an impressive 45x zoom ratio.

Canon XA15 & XA11

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Built-in Extender


Focal Length

13.6 – 612 mm (up to 1224mm with 2.0x extender)

Zoom Ratio


Maximum Relative Aperture

1:2.8 (13.6 - 312 mm); 1:5.5 (612 mm)

Angular Field of View

38.9° x 22.5° (13.6 mm); 0.90° x 0.51° (612 mm)


2.8 m (10mm with Macro)

Object Dimensions at M.O.D.

182.9 x 102.9 cm (13.6 mm); 4.2 x 2.4 cm (612 mm)

Approx. Size (WxHxL)

approx. 6.8 x 5.8 x 14.0 in. / approx.173.2 x 147.5 x 355.0 mm

Approx. Mass

approx. 12.4 lbs / 5.64 kg


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