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Finance Function: Digital Maturity Index

Discover how your business stacks up - measure your department's transformation progress

18 Apr 2019
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Finance: an automated future

The c-suite argument for injecting automation in to the finance function

18 Apr 2019
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The business case for e-procurement

Why e-invoicing can help streamline AP, drive cost efficiencies and improve financial visibility

18 Apr 2019
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Navigating procurement compliance

Discover how new compliance legislation impacts your procurement processes

18 Apr 2019
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Manage compliance with digital technology

Tackle the evolving regulatory landscape and protect your business from threats to compliance

18 Apr 2019
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How to digitally transform finance

Read Canon's guide to harnessing digital and automated technology in the finance function

18 Apr 2019
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Reshaping finance’s reputation

How to boost the reputation of the finance department through digital transformation

18 Apr 2019
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10 CFO questions on digital transformation

Canon answers the questions every CFO is asking about transforming the finance function

18 Apr 2019
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Transforming customer experience with CCM

Read Canon's guide to discover how CCM can help your businesses deliver market-leading CX

11 Apr 2019
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10 CMO questions on digital transformation

Canon answers the questions every CMO is asking about digital transformation

11 Apr 2019
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The evolution of digital marketing

Find out how marketing has been transformed by digital and how to harness the next wave

11 Apr 2019
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Turning Customer Data into Growth

Is data really 'the new oil'? Discover how it can boost CX, drive business growth and lower costs

11 Apr 2019
Men balance produce on weighing scales in a market Article

How is regulation impacting CX?

The GDPR has changed traditional marketing, but discover how it’s delivering surprising benefits

11 Apr 2019
Meet Canon at FESPA 2019 Events

Join Canon at FESPA 2019

FESPA, largest international wide-format professional printing exhibition for screen, digital and textile print.

03 Apr 2019
Meet Canon at Cutting Edge 2019 Events

Join Canon at Cutting Edge 2019

3-days in Canon Customer Experience Center. Explore state-of-the-art sheetfed technology and end-to-end automation solutions.

03 Apr 2019
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Printer & publisher: better together

Décor Success Factor 5 of 5: The art of project management. How print service providers can become a vital link in the interior décor value chain.

04 Feb 2019
Three men sitting on the floor looking at rectangles of patterned material Articles

Make the right connections to drive growth in décor

Décor Success Factor 4 of 5: Build a partner network that will help you deliver. Who you need to connect with to take your printed décor offering to the next level.

13 Dec 2018
A woman talks at a meeting with five other colleagues around a desk Articles

Standardise or be colonised

Common digital standards and open collaboration: the key to thriving in a rapidly evolving publishing industry.

21 Dec 2018
Personalised Elemental direct mail ARTICLES

Personalised Elemental direct mail

Printed direct mail has an increasingly positive emotional impact on consumers - and now it can be integrated with digital campaigns. Here's how to do it well.

01 Mar 2019
Man typing on computer sat at desk ARTICLES

The rise and rise of self-publishing

The stigma of self-publishing is disappearing. In fact, it's becoming the first choice for many aspiring authors. Here's how digital print is enabling self-publishing to thrive.

18 Feb 2019
Fuel emotion with Print direct mail on desk ARTICLES

How to prove print’s ROI in the marketing mix

Discover how you can use digital technologies to measure the impact of your print campaigns and provide insight on how to fine tune them.

18 Feb 2019
Girl unpacking books from box ARTICLES

How print-on-demand could transform your business

Think Books Business Model Guides #2: On-Demand. Find out about the exciting opportunities that on-demand printing presents for book printers.

18 Feb 2019
Security team ARTICLES

Safeguard your devices in the modern workplace

Today's modern workplace's are full of potential security risks. Safeguard your workplace with the 6-step office equipment security test.

31 Jan 2019


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