Print your business recovery

Printed communication as a powerful differentiator

 Print your business recovery

Tired of digital?

Week by week we’re seeing the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and on the print industry. Print volumes are depleted as businesses of all types press ‘pause’ on normal activity. Print service providers (PSPs) will benefit from taking time to reflect on the role that print can play to support brands through these unprecedented times, and in their long-term recovery.

Right now, most brands are turning up their marketing volumes on digital platforms as a relatively quick and cost-efficient way to reach customers, and because it’s easy to keep these channels active remotely.

But are their digital marketing efforts having a real impact and delivering true ROI? Before the crisis hit, as consumers we were already suffering a severe case of digital overload – and that’s now exacerbated. What with video meetings and webinars, email marketing, social media and virtual events, to say nothing of the rise of digitally streamed content, we’re all in a state of growing digital fatigue.

Print your business recovery

The closest communication

We’re admiring brands that are taking more creative approaches to communicate with us. Any brand can send an e-shot, but those that make the effort to send a well-designed printed direct mail piece, brochure, catalogue or even postcard will reap the rewards.

Printed direct marketing is the closest a brand will physically come to a customer without them having to leave their house – a welcome intrusion at a time when we’re all being urged to stay home.

In this time of isolation and separation, we crave warmth, affection, touch and emotion. Which marketing medium delivers best on these? Print connects emotionally with people beyond the scope of any digital platform, engaging three of our five senses – sight, touch and smell. That’s a powerful differentiator right now.

The one commodity we have most of now is time. Time to read, engage, and dive into content that grabs our attention. What better time to put print at the heart of a marketing campaign?

Print your business recovery

Playing to print’s strengths

In a time of uncertainty, consumers look to brands and communications channels they trust. This plays to print’s strengths: 56% of people see printed marketing as the most trustworthy form of communication1.

Online sales are currently buoyant and print can be used at every touchpoint in the customer’s buying journey to generate and convert leads. And PSPs can elevate brands’ ROI with personalisation, using customer data to deliver timely marketing messages. 91% of people are more likely to purchase when brands recognise and remember them, and provide relevant communication2.

Brands need to maintain visibility and customer connection now, with a view to rebuilding demand for their products and services. When life returns to normal and they want to stimulate interest, brand preference and footfall, print can be one of the most effective tools to connect with their audiences. It’s time to be proactive and be a trusted advisor, helping your customers use the power of print to forge ahead.

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