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Cradle-to-customer CO2 neutral papers for AECM (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing) industry. Our carbon neutral papers offer high printing quality and support your sustainability goals. View our brochure to learn more about the features and benefits of Red Label Zero.

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Take your sustainability to the next level with Red Label Zero paper

How Canon’s Red Label Zero paper can help you reduce your carbon footprint and deliver quality prints for your AECM projects

Did you know that the construction industry emits 39% of the world’s carbon emissions1? This is a major challenge for the AECM sector, which needs to adopt sustainable practices starting at the design phase, such as using an appropriate print media and digital printers to achieve environmental objectives. Canon offers a solution: Red Label Zero, the first carbon neutral, technical wide format paper for the AECM industry, delivered to you in a 100% CO2 neutral manner. It is FSC, EU Ecolabel and Climate Partner certified. Red Label Zero is available at 75gsm and comes in 30 different varieties. You can order boxed and or unboxed to save packaging.

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Sustainable printing with Red Label Zero paper

Red Label Zero is a CO2 neutral paper that supports your sustainability goals. We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions across the production and transport. Learn with this infographic.

FSC certified paper for sustainable printing

Canon’s Red Label Zero paper is carbon neutral and comes from responsible and sustainable sources. It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a global leader in forest conservation.

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Why choose Red Label zero paper?

Our Red Label Zero papers are carbon neutral media that help you achieve high-quality print results, reduce CO2 emissions, and support verified climate projects. It also helps you reach sustainability goals and improve competitiveness in the AECM sector.

  1. SAP. (2021, August 25). The Construction Industry Is Getting Greener: Why, How, and What’s Changing. Forbes.

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