True print automation - 24 hour production

Investing in the future with print robotisation

Robotised print solution at Elwe

We want to move to a 24/7 continuous production process. Using a robot with our Arizona is a big step in that direction.

Ewald Elfrink
owner, Elwe Special Promotions

Continuous growth

Elwe Special Promotions specialises in POS signage and displays. They create, produce and deliver complete concepts for retail, focusing especially on second-placement displays in stores. Elwe covers the entire process from design to actually filling the displays. In today’s round-the-clock economy, where turnaround times are getting shorter and shorter, Elwe wants to stay ahead by adopting true print automation to achieve non-stop production.

Elwe has been a Canon customer for several years. Their first Canon printer, an Arizona 318GL(W) system, was placed in 2015. Since then, their volumes have only grown. Today, they are using the Arizona 6160XTS printer with High Flow Vacuum system. To meet the critical lead time demands from customers, they recently invested in a robotised print solution to increase their productivity.


Unique collaboration

Canon and Rolan Robotics partnered up to provide a complete customised solution for Elwe’s facilities. The R&D engineers from both companies collaborated to design and install an integrated solution.

Results for Elwe

At Elwe, they are very pleased with the results. Here’re some highlights:

  • Media placement is much more accurate, which also improves the finishing
  • They can now switch jobs much more quickly, repeat jobs more easily and even run different jobs simultaneously
  • There is no need to do planning or quality checks in between jobs
  • The robot and printer can work autonomously, enabling continuous production. This allowed Elwe to save 4,5 FTE with 24/7 production

Operator at Rolan Robotics

Investing in the future

At Elwe, the journey toward continuous production continues. They are now researching steps to further improve their production process.

Ewald: “What is blocking us right now from getting our production to the level we want it to be? Once we know, we can solve that. We are thinking of increasing the automation even further, with another 2 or 3 robots. We want to do whatever we can to increase productivity and make our turnaround times as short as possible.”

Elwe owner Ewald Elfrink

The main advantages of working with the robot are the quality and productivity improvements.

Ewald Elfrink
owner, Elwe Special Promotions

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