Tight deadlines? No problem! Colorado 1640

Owner De Bink in front of Colorado 1640

The graphics sector is very diverse and the possibilities with the Colorado are tremendous.

Carl Smit, manager, De Bink

Quality and reliability are paramount

De Bink is a Dutch one-stop printing company, where quality and reliability are paramount. Since the purchase of their first ColorWave 600 in 2011, De Bink has been a loyal and enthusiastic Canon customer. Managing Director Carl Smit explains why the addition of the Colorado 1640 roll-to-roll Large Format printer is making an important contribution to the continuity and success of his company.

De Bink employees

Quality first and quick delivery

When Carl talks about quality, he means more than just the quality of the final product: “Our customers have known that they can rely on us for almost 140 years. In order to build up and maintain such a relationship with your customers, you not only need to make great products, but you also need to keep your promises and be able to deliver quickly. Our customers can’t take any risks if they have an important trade show or event. They want a consistent look. This requires reliable printers. We score 99.2% with our customers when it comes to the reliability of our printing and signage. So, we’re more than satisfied with our purchase of the Colorado.”

User-friendliness increases creativity

"The Colorado is easy to learn and also very user friendly. Our employees enjoy demonstrating their creativity and added value. Of course, this results in greater job satisfaction, which I believe is also important. And our customers see this passion whenever they visit us.”, says Carl.

“Due our limited space, the robust roll solution is ideal for De Bink. I also think the Colorado has a really compact and neat appearance.”

Colorado 1640 at De Bink

Even better than offset

“Not only does the customer not see any difference, I think the result from the Colorado is even better than offset. The detailing is just crisper.”

Better for people and the environment

Ever since Carl was a child, sustainability has been a top priority for him. Not all customers ask for this, but the government, for example, looks at the entire supply chain as part of its tender processes. We’re CO2 neutral,” says Carl with due pride. “And, in terms of sustainability, I think the Colorado is also innovative in its class. Not only are the UVgel inks much better for people and the environment, fewer misprints also means less waste.”

Growth perspective

Carl: “At the moment we’re using the Colorado mainly to print fabulous banners and posters. But we’re also trying out new possibilities, such as designer wallpaper. By being able to serve our existing customers even better, we can grow the business autonomously. While our traditional markets are shrinking, signage and interior design are clearly growing. We’re ready for the next phase as a company, and the Colorado will help us to take new steps in our further improving service to our customers.

Colorado 1640 at De Bink with applications

The colours just have to match, regardless of the medium. With the Colorado, you can trust that this will be the case.

Carl Smit, De Bink

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