Transforming Customer Experience & Operational Excellence in the New Normal

Discover how to drive internal efficiency and deliver successful customer experience through digital transformation
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Adapting to our new world: Discover how to drive internal efficiency and deliver successful customer experience through digital transformation

26 November 2020


Working in the ‘New World’

9:30 am – 10:15 am CET

During this interactive session, Danny Mekić, Robert Buijs and Darren Rands will give insights and practical advice about how to work - profitably - on digital transformation in the 'new normal.'

Danny Mekić is a renowned Dutch technology and innovation expert who founded his first successful company at the age of fifteen. Besides his work in the start-up world, he is helping many leading organisations to reinvent themselves by implementing effective innovation strategies and successfully using trends, customer insights and technologies to develop innovative products, services, customer experiences and ways of working.

Danny Mekić


Transforming information and customer communications

10:30 am – 11:15 am CET

COVID-19 has taught us that we can’t predict the future. In a rapidly changing market, being agile and customer-centric is the key to survival.

Those that have thrived in 2020, used digital transformation to their advantage – harnessing a digital-first model to change tactics, maintain business continuity and keep customers happy.

Join this session to find out:

- How digital transformation can help you prepare for the unexpected

- What success means in ‘the new normal’

- How you can adapt your business to become more agile, deliver better customer experience, and prepare for the future

- Why modernising information management is so crucial to your organisation’s future

Robert Buijs, Director of Customer Communications Management, Canon Netherlands has more than 25 years of experience in helping customers to digitally transform their customer and process-related communications. As one of Canon Europe’s leading customer communications expert, he has successfully delivered enhanced customer experiences and improved operational excellence to businesses of every size and industry.

Robert Buijs


Mastering Customer Experience 
through Communications & ING case study

11:30 am – 12:15 pm CET

Customer communications were once so simple. Standardised post and a contact centre were all that a brand needed. But this is the Age of the Consumer. And that means managing numerous channels, shifting customer preferences and on-demand responses. It’s no wonder businesses are struggling to get it right.

So what’s the secret? Behind every great CX experience, is a well-oiled machine.

Join this session to discover:
- Why transactional comms are crucial to your customer’ experience
- How CCM technology can help you overcome legacy IT challenges and more easily adopt new channel requirements
- How to overcome siloes in your customer journey to deliver better CX
- How you can use customer comms technology to deliver responsive, personalised and real-time customer communications
- Hear a practical case study on how Canon’s technology helped ING transform their customer comms

Marco Götz, Senior Consultant, Canon Netherlands has more than 25 years of experience implementing platforms, solutions and services in the field of Customer Communication Management. In recent years he has specialised in supporting large financial companies with digital transformation. As part of this process, he helps clients create more engaging customer communications, driving superior customer experiences and in turn directly impacting business growth.

Marco Gotz

Sander Wilmink is a Solution Consultant on Customer Communications Management. With over 10 years of experience in designing and implementing software solutions, he has a deep understanding of the functionality which supports successful communication. Sander is able to bridge the gap between business and IT by translating technical, complex issues into understandable “human” stories.

Sander Wilmink


Achieving Operational Excellence & customer case studies 
from Eureco Pharma and NHA

1:30 pm – 2:15 pm CET

Every business wants to be agile. But making fast changes is hard, particularly for large enterprises. Inefficiency, convoluted processes and legacy technology can stand in the way. It’s time for change.

Join this session to discover:

- How better information management can help you overcome internal inefficiencies
- Why digital transforming is so important to both maintaining continuity in times of crisis, and future-proofing your business
- How process automation solutions can help you overcome legacy IT obstacles to achieve more efficient, transparent and agile ways of working
- Hear practical case studies of how Canon’s technology has helped Eureco Pharma and NHA drive process efficiency and operational excellence

Gerard Verdonschot, Digital Transformation Consultant, Canon Netherlands has more than 33 years of experience in document workflows and their impact on business processes and customer communication. His role focuses on advising and assisting companies with their digital transformation journey, in the field of operational documents and external communication.

Gerard Verdonschot

Floris Dansen, Portfolio Manager, Canon Europe, has over 20 years’ experience working towards improving customer communications. From conception and development of print finishing hardware to marketing strategy of Customer Communications software, his key focus has always been on walking in the shoes of the customer to provide the best customer experience. Over the last few years, Floris has been focusing on the European portfolio management of Canon’s communications solutions.

Floris Dansen

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