Canon Industrial Imaging Platform Vision Edition-U

Image processing software to enhance application capability of UR robots

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Canon Industrial Imaging Platform Vision Edition-U

Vision Edition-U utilises network cameras to provide a unique vision feature to the UR robots application

Vision Edition-U image processing software adds unique vision capability to assist collaborative robot tasks such as confirmation of parts assembly, tending CNC machine and inspection of multiple area/devices.

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Image processing feature covering the whole robotic automation process

Vision Edition-U counts the parts quantity and reads weight to ensure correct pack contents. A wide range of image processing functions ensures the efficiency at every step of the robotic automation process and keeps a high standard of output.


Single camera, multiple point inspection

Vision Edition-U can inspect screw holes made, or parts fitted by the robot using image processing. Thanks to a flexible Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera, large areas such as a car door can be inspected by a single camera and eliminate human inspection errors.


Automate machine tending with image processing

By monitoring the display of a CNC machine, Vision Edition-U facilitates robots to perform machine tending. This is a simple and fast method of achieving the task without a hard-wired connection. It eliminates the necessity of operator assistance and provides longer, uninterrupted hours of operation.


Extensive image processing capability

Vision Edition-U provides various image processing features such as 1D/2D code and character reading, pattern matching and shape detection to expand collaborative robot application.


Simple implementation with intuitive programming

Vision Edition-U has intuitive drag & drop flowchart JOB programming. UR controller triggers Vision Edition-U image processing and receives the result to control the robot.

(Certified by Universal Robots)



Read 1D/2D codes, numbers and text

Detect and measure the object length, angle, area etc

Read analogue meters

Up to 4 network camera connections per program

Detect colour of object

Set and call Vision Edition-U image processing task from UR controller PolyScope application

NCC and shape pattern matching to detect, count and locate workpiece

UR+ certified

*UR, UR+ is a trademark of Universal Robots A/S

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