Video Sensing (VS)

Canon’s video sensing products for specialized video applications in endoscopy, microscopy, broadcast, aviation and defense


About Video Sensing Product Group At Canon Europe

Medical Components Business Group is the exclusive representative within the EMEA region for various video camera technologies developed and manufactured by Canon Corporation (CINC) in Japan
Canon Camera

The technology is well known for more than twenty years as the Imaging Systems Division of Toshiba.

Now with Canon, we supply video camera components and technology as the solution of choice for specialized video applications in surgical imaging and clinical microscopy, as well as aerospace, defense and live event broadcasting applications.

Canon Video Sensing Division is the video technology leader with its ultra-compact, exceptional performance, high definition (HD) and Ultra-HD 4K 3-CMOS color video cameras and economical single-chip HD cameras.

Scientific Imaging

Clinical pathology, tumor review boards, microscopy and stereoscopic 3D

Canon Camera
Canon Camera

Live Tissue Imaging

Surgical microscopy, stereoscopic 3D, ophthalmology, endodontic surgery and surgical imaging applications

Broadcasting Applications

POV and vehicle-mounted cameras, stereoscopic 3D

Canon Camera
Canon Camera


Area-scan, color critical applications, real-time video or machine vision, process control, quality, assembly and inspection

Aviation/Tourism Applications

On-board video for aircraft and helicopters as well as quadcopters and drones

Canon Camera
Canon Camera

Defense Imaging

Daylight imaging, video conferencing, training, reconnaissance integration with ground-based and airbased turret mounts

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