DocSetter is used in commercial and corporate print environments to speed up prepress workflow for scanning, job preparation and data conversion. It ensures high quality, high speed printing and archiving. This document management software is highly efficient thanks to its outstanding user interface, enormous flexibility and high level of automation.


  • Digitize and clean-up documents at top speed
  • Fully automate prepress workflow for each customer
  • State-of-the-art user interface for peak productivity
  • Full flexibility for updating diverse documents and books
  • Merge and convert over 100 different data formats

Detailed Features

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Shift prepress workflow into high gear

This industry-leading document management software offers high productivity and efficiency for document tasks. These include scanning, image clean-up with fully automated de-speckling and de-skewing and precise page alignment. You can automate key prepress workflow steps, like data import, image clean-up, OCR and data conversion for each customer.

Flexible document management software

This advanced prepress workflow provides full flexibility for updating documents and books. Scanned hardcopies can be merged with imported PDF and PostScript pages and bitmaps in more than 100 different data formats. Extensive make-ready capabilities enable you to change content, like headers and footers, images, objects, resolution, layout, paper size, tabs and data format.
Print service providers use it for high quality book reproduction and to efficiently update documentation from various sources. In corporate environments, DocSetter is used to automate scan processing, OCR and barcode detection for archiving systems.

Product Specification

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