A personal touch to interior design

Bespoke wallpaper is one thing, but how about opening up a wealth of possibilities which can allow your customers to really let their imaginations run wild.

What’s stopping you?

Personalised touches in the home are in vogue and this is increasing the opportunities for printers to offer creative interior design applications; from wall tattoos and customised photo frames to personalised furniture and signage.

UV flatbed inkjet printing is opening the doors to creativity. This method of printing – using technology such as the Océ Arizona – changes the production of wallpaper and interior decoration products considerably and shifts the focus from large, low-margin production runs with standardised designs, to small runs of individual and personalised high-margin products. Essentially, it offers the ability to print on almost any reasonably flat (rigid or flexible object) substrate up to 5 cm thick.

And what makes these interior design applications even more attractive is that digital production eliminates time-consuming set-up steps – allowing you to deliver prototypes and final runs faster to maximise your profits. Less time spent on set-up also gives you more time to capitalise on other opportunities such as taking on additional jobs without adding staff or shifts.

It’s not just high-margin work for you – its high-value products for your customers.

Digital printing allows your customers a design freedom that traditional production methods cannot accommodate. Millions of colours, photo realistic images, smooth colour gradients, sharp text and fine lines are what your customers demand and this is all right at your finger tips.

Explore the possibilities:

  • Kitchen splash backs
  • Shower screens
  • Windows
  • Door panels
  • Furniture
  • Interior flooring
  • Wall art
  • Mirrors
  • Laminated safety glass

The only limitation is your own creativity!

Get expert advice from Canon at FESPA 2013 – where we’ll be showcasing some exciting applications – and open up the possibilities for your business.

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