The Canon imagePRESS C1+ with clear toner. New ways to make your business flourish.

The Canon imagePRESS C1+ now brings all the exciting possibilities of clear toner to the light production market. Be the first to take advantage of these high-margin opportunities:

Amazing effects with clear toner.
Incorporating clear toner with CMYK combines offset-like results with the benefits of digital production. Add texture and depth to any design, as well as producing special effects such as:

· metallics
· spot coating
· flood coating
· reverse matt coating
· photo-like finishing
· watermarking

Offer extra impact, at higher margins:

· High-quality invitations and cards with stylish ‘pearlescent’ effects
· Truly distinctive brand literature
· Watermarked voucher promotions
· New short-run packaging opportunities
· And much more!

Grow your business with the C1+
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