Canon PowerShot G7 X

An expert's pocket camera

The PowerShot G7 X has been specifically designed for those who want uncompromising image quality and control from a pocketable camera. From the refined metal body to the impressive quality of its results everything says Canon premium G-Series DNA.

Exceptional quality in any light

Capture beautiful background blur and superb detail with bright f/1.8-2.8 zoom lens, and 1.0-type sensor. Master low light shots with HS System, and DIGIC 6.


Capture sharp detail in even the most challenging situations thanks to the bright f/1.8-2.8 lens, which lets a lot of light to reach the sensor. With a 4.2x optical zoom (24–100mm) it is ideal for both wide-angle photography and getting closer to your subjects. Shoot stunning portraits with beautiful perspective and background blur using the wide aperture at full zoom.

Beautiful Bokeh

The term 'Bokeh' comes from a Japanese word that refers to the quality of the out-of-focus parts of an image. The PowerShot G7 X uses a nine-bladed lens aperture to produce smooth background blur and virtually circular out-of-focus highlights. Create beautiful 18-ray starburst effects in scenes with strong highlights.


Capture superb low light shots and beautiful background blur. The 1.0-type CMOS sensor offers you improved low light performance without compromising the compactness of the camera. It uses a light-sensitive area that is nearly 3 times larger than that of 1/1.7-type sensors, providing increased light sensitivity, reduced noise, (especially at high ISO) and a wider dynamic range. It also gives you greater creative flexibility with a shallower depth of field for professional looking out of focus backgrounds.

HS System

Day or night your images will be just as you remember them. Canon’s HS System – with DIGIC 6 and a large 1.0-type, 20.2 MP CMOS sensor - gives you exceptional image quality and excels in low light. So it’s easy to capture the real atmosphere of the moment without flash or a tripod.

Sharp results every time

There's no need to worry about camera shake ruining your results thanks to an intelligent optical Image Stabilizer. This camera automatically adapts and ensures sharp, detailed photos and videos even if you’re shooting at full zoom or handheld in low light. Plus your movies will be spectacularly steady thanks to 5-axis movie stabilisation.

31-point focus AF gives accurate focus

Catch the action with high-speed 31-point AF. The 31-points cover a large area of the frame, with a confirmation of the chosen AF points.

Expert control

Quick access to advanced controls and settings is easy with the dedicated exposure compensation dial, Lens Control Ring and customisable buttons. Use Full Manual and RAW with multi-aspect support to get just the shot you want. The built-in ND filter extends your shooting capability, such as shooting in day light with slower shutter speed.

Lens Control ring

A Lens Control Ring is easy to use while framing your shot, and can be programed to give instant control of aperture, focus and a host of other functions.

Customisable Controls

Customisable controls make operating the PowerShot G7 X instinctive and natural, so you can concentrate on your creativity.

Integral ND Filter

A built-in neutral density (ND) filter can be used to reduce the brightness of a scene, allowing long exposures to be used to convey movement.

Intuitive touch screen

Enjoy superb viewing and flexible framing. A high-quality LCD tilt-up touchscreen, with 1,040k dot resolution, uses sRGB colour reproduction for excellent colour accuracy, image clarity and contrast. The touch interface enables more intuitive control and adds a range of useful functions such as Touch AF.

Make movies with the personal touch

Making stunning movies is easy. With one touch of a button you can shoot smooth, realistic Full HD 60p movies in stereo, recorded in the widely compatible MP4 format. Achieve perfect focus with the MF Peaking function and explore your creativity using manual movie control.

Control your shutter speed

Change how moving objects are seen in movies by changing shutter speed.

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Manual aperture control

Create real-time depth-of-field adjustments in movie footage by changing aperture while shooting.

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Manual focus peaking

Focus manually with confidence. Focus peaking highlights areas that are sharp.

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Connect with Wi-Fi

Connect with Wi-fi

Enjoy the freedom of Wi-Fi. Upload images and movies to social networks - straight from the camera. Or transfer them to your smartphone or tablet using NFC and the Mobile Device Connect Button. Use the Canon CameraWindow app to geotag images and remotely control the camera from your smartphone. Enjoy convenient PC and cloud back up with Image Sync.

Simple connection with smart devices

Upload images on the spot, or save them on mobile devices, with the free Canon CameraWindow app, which lets you easily connect your camera to smartphones and tablets. The dedicated Mobile Device Connect Button and NFC simplifies connection even further.

Back up your photos

Image Sync enables easy and convenient back up of your images to cloud storage or your PC. It has the intelligence to detect the optimum link for image back up via a wireless network or PC with internet access. Once images are transferred on to either irista, CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, Flickr, Google Drive or your PC, they will automatically synchronise without any user input.

Wireless Remote Shooting with Wi-Fi

The PowerShot G7 X's Wi-Fi connectivity makes remote shooting easy. Using the Canon CameraWindow app, the PowerShot G7 X can be controlled from up to 5m away and images captured with a single tap. A live image is displayed on the screen of the smartphone or tablet – great for group shots featuring the photographer, or wildlife pictures of an easily disturbed subject.

Easy creativity

Capture amazing images with ease. Shoot stunning starry nightscapes, star trails or star time-lapse movies with Star Mode. Use HDR to capture high contrast scenes without a tripod or Background Defocus to achieve beautiful, SLR style background blur. Effortlessly create a fun HD (720p) movie summary of all the day’s shots with Hybrid Auto.

PowerShot-G7-X_Set4_HDR_toggle_on.jpg PowerShot-G7-X_Set4_HDR_toggle_off.jpg


The PowerShot G7 X is built to exacting standards. It inspires confidence from the first time you pick it up. Attention to detail is everywhere, from the delicate design of the camera’s controls to its refined metal body. A thin red line decorates the mode dial, machined from a single block of aluminium - a symbol of the exacting standards that are characteristic of the PowerShot G-series pedigree.

Kenichi Nishimura. PowerShot G7 X designer, Canon Inc.

Joel Santos, Canon Explorer, discovers the PowerShot G7 X


f/1.8-2.8 zoom lens

Wide aperture throughout zoom range

1.0 type CMOS

Large sensor for premium results

20.2 mega pixels CMOS

20.2 Megapixel CMOS

HS System

Great low-light shots

Digic 6

Powerful DIGIC processing

24mm wide and 4.2x zoom

4.2x optical zoom with wide-angle

Wi-Fi certified

Share and backup images wirelessly

Fulld HD 60p Recording

Smoother 1080p movies

Manual movie

Aperture, shutter and ISO control in movies

ND Filter

Neutral Density Filter

High dynamic range

Capture HDR without a tripod

Remote shooting

Control the camera with a smartphone

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