How to set up and use your Connect Station CS100

This series of videos will guide you through setting up, connecting, transferring, viewing, sharing and backing up your precious memories.


Setting up your Connect Station

This video helps you to get started with the Connect Station CS100, from connecting to your TV and switching on to choosing your language.

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Connecting your Connect Station

Learn how to connect to your home Wi-Fi, sign in to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY and link to your social networks and cloud storage.

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Transferring images onto your Connect Station

This tutorial shows you how to transfer your photos and videos onto the Connect Station CS100 whether direct from your camera via NFC and Wi-Fi or from a memory card or USB connection.

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Viewing & organising your content

Get the most out of your collection and relive your memories by creating albums and browsing on your smartphone or tablet.

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Sharing your images

Share your memories with friends and family. This tutorial shows you how to share on social networks, send images to other Connect Stations and print wirelessly in beautiful quality.

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Backing up

This video shows you how to make a backup of your Connect Station CS100 content for safe-keeping and how to restore your data.

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Connect Station CS100 Manual

If you need more information on setting up and using your Connect Station CS100, please download the full manual

Download CS100 Manual(PDF)