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1.3MP Compacts (NEW)

Delivering high-quality monitoring with 1.3MP resolution and six intelligent analytics, these cameras offer great value for money. Designed for indoor security and monitoring, these easy-to-install cameras deliver sharp, high quality images with a wide angle of view and impressive low-light performance.



A Fixed Minidome HD network security camera with ultra-compact lens technology. Ideal for indoor security in retail, education and business environments.



A network Mini Fixed Box security camera with ultra-compact lens technology. Its compact design makes it ideal for a range of discrete indoor commercial environments.

Ultra-compact size

The innovative lens technology in these cameras means they’re small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Our 1.3MP Minidome measures just 120mm x 54mm (WxH), ideal where discreet monitoring is needed. In addition to the Minidome, there’s also an ultra-compact Box camera, measuring just 32mm x 54mm x 114mm (WxHxD).

Ultra-compact size
Full HD 30fps

1.3MP up to 30 fps

Canon’s DIGIC DVIII and DIGIC NET II processors are used to ensure outstanding image quality with 1.3MP resolution at up to 30 frames per second. Inherent multi streaming technology (2 x H.264) allows simultaneous broadcasting of alternate resolutions, allowing high resolution monitoring and low resolution recording, to be carried out at the same time.

Intelligent Functions

Intelligent Function_ICON.jpgIntelligent analytics allow for real-time analysis of potential security breaches. Up to 15 areas in a scene can be designated for detection using 6 different algorithms. This redefines traditional alarm detection methods by helping to reduce false alarms, increase efficiency, and reduce the storage needed, by only activating recording when threats are genuine.

Intelligent Function_DIAGRAM

Auto Smart Shade Control

Where competitor cameras take a sequence of images at different shutter speeds and combine them into one to resolve scenes containing brightly lit backgrounds, Canon’s Auto Smart Shade Control (SSC) makes instant real-time adjustments for improving the visibility of foreground image. The net effect is that bright areas stay bright and only the darker areas are lightened, so hard-to-see silhouettes are instantly converted into clearly identifiable objects.

Auto SSC