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Dome Cameras

In environments where discretion is important, our Dome cameras provide the perfect solution. Compact and aesthetically pleasing, they offer outstanding image quality across a wide viewing angle - whether wall or ceiling mounted. They’re perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor environments.

Compact and discrete

Our Dome cameras are designed with discretion in mind, with our ultra compact VB-S models so small that they can fit in the palm of your hand. A range of recess mounting accessories ensure that each model can be installed discreetly and in keeping with the aesthetics of the installation environment.

Ease of installation

Remote PTRZ Setup

Once installed, the Camera Angle Setting Tool - accessed via the PC - allows the camera’s functions (P-T-R-Z) to be accessed remotely. This means factors such as focus and camera direction don’t need to be considered during the physical installation, as these can all be done at the PC. This saves time and also means less people are required during installation.

Small and discreet shape
Complete PTRZ installation

Easy installation

Installation is quick and easy with industry standard fitting holes for screws, and a marking hole template included in the box. A range of accessories allows for installation in tiled ceilings, on a wall, or even on a pole. Power is drawn from the mains or via an Ethernet connection for added flexibility. Our ultra compact VB-S models can be mounted by just one person.

Box Cameras

Box Cameras

Built to fit a diversity of applications, our Box cameras enjoy wide viewing angles and are easy to install, whether wall or ceiling mounted.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras

Monitor expansive areas and follow subjects easily with our cameras’ Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) capabilities. Ideal for applications like traffic management and city surveillance.