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Minimising Project Costs

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Wide Angle of View

Wide viewing angles makes the surveillance of large areas possible with fewer cameras. By optimally arranging high quality aspherical lens elements not only delivers more light to the cameras' sensor to achieve brighter, well-defined images but also reduces the traditional fish-eye effect.

"One of Canon's designs goals is make sure that our cameras have the widest angle of view possible in order to minimise the number of cameras that we  need to put in any project or installation. This not only saves installations costs but also save on bandwidth and storage requirements."

Remote PTRZ Set-up in Canon Fixed Dome Cameras

Once installed and connected to a network, the camera’s position and angle of view can be electronically adjusted with the Camera Angle Setting Tool. Where intuitive Pan Tilt, Rotation, Zoom and focus controls enable a single person to complete the camera's configuration remotely saving both time and money.

"PTRZ is a unique feature in Canon fixed dome cameras. Using this tool can save the integrator time and money in the installation phase of any project"

In-built Analytics

Intelligent analyse of the scene can help operators identify alarming situations. Up 15 areas can be selected to analysed using Moving, Abandoned, Removed object detection, Camera Tampering, Passing Line and Intrusion Detection. Linked Events enables video activated alarms to be logically combined to provide conditional alarm triggers. The addition of Volume and Scream detection adds greater flexibility and once an alarm is activated cameras instigate recording, upload images to a remotely located server or even send an email notification.

"All of Canon cameras have range of in-built analytics. This level of flexibility allows for greater flexibility when installed in many projects of any scale or complexity".

Intrusion Detection

Abandoned Detection

Motion Detection

Removed Detection

Tamper Detection

Passing Line Detection

Enhanced Security

Securing the integrity of video data across the network is vitally important in high security applications. Advance IEEE 802.1X and IPSec security protocols offer the ability to encrypt transmissions and protect individual packets to maintain the confidentiality of captured video footage.

Auto Tracking

Unlike conventional solutions Canon's auto-tracking effectively combines the cameras intelligent Moving Object detection with the camera's PTZ control to keep a tracked objects at the centre of the screen. Auto-zoom also keeps the object the same size regardless of where ever they roam. Setting a time limit and a return to detection positions allows the camera to attain and track their target virtually hands free.

High Speed, Precision with Control

Canon's high end PTZ mechanisms feature our latest innovations in motor design to provide our most responsive and accurate PTZ camera to date. Fine stepping motors, 360⁰ continuous rotation at 450⁰/sec with auto-flip capabilities, enable operators to easily track their subjects and monitor situations as they unfold.

Bandwidth Management (ADSR)

Canon's Area-specific Data Size Reduction technology is an effective tools in bandwidth management. Operators are free define up to eight discrete areas where ultimately the best quality is and ADSR applies a higher level of compression to the remaining less important surrounding area. This flexible approach helps mange your bandwidth usage whilst still capturing areas of detail where it is needed most.

SD Card Recording (Onvif Profile G)

Having the ability to search and retrieve recorded footage from the cameras' inserted storage media adds greater flexibility any surveillance solution.

Compliance with ONVIF Profile G standardises communications allows our compatible VMS solutions access and control this function to greater effect.

Environmental Protection (NEMA250 Type 4X)

Outdoor ready cameras with added NEMA 4X compliance provide a superior level of environmental protection in coastal and corrosive chemical environments.

These robust and durable cameras also benefit from an extended operating temperature range (-50⁰C - +55⁰C) making and offer reliable start-up at temperatures as low as -30⁰C.

Outdoor Weatherproofing (IP66)

Where you need protection from the elements certified IP66 outdoor ready cameras offer a high degree protection from dust and water. Be it a sudden downpour of rain or powered jet of water washing down the area, the camera is suitably protected.

Vandal Proof Protection (IK10)

Compliance to European standard EN 62262, certified IK10 rated cameras offer a high degree of protection against external impact. Polycarbonate dome covers, retracting lens mechanisms and tough outer casings, mean that these cameras are designed to withstand attack.