Business & Innovation Scan

Strategic guidance for Print Service Providers

For your business success you constantly have to adapt to the changing requirements of the markets and customers you serve. Keeping up with these on-going developments and defining a strategic response has become a major challenge for many Print Service Providers (PSPs). The Business & Innovation Scan can help you in this process.

How does it work?

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The Business & Innovation Scan is an assessment tool that helps us work with you to provide clear insights about the current business approach and innovation status of your print operation. The scan enables an understanding of your current capabilities to meet today’s challenges, identifying improvement opportunities and providing strategic guidance for improvement – including a relevant action plan.

The scan takes the form of a 1:1 meeting with a Canon Business Consultant lasting between 3-4 hours and is held on your own premises.

5 steps to reinventing your business

Regardless of the production environment or markets served, the Business and Innovation Scan involves a five stage process guided by a Canon Business consultant:

Success Stories

The Business and Innovation Scan from Canon showed us clearly that we, as print provider in the Graphic Arts industry, must change our direction and search new paths. We analysed the recommendations carefully and are implementing them now. We changed our name and now offer new services in the market.

Kurt Habersatter, CEO/Owner Ritz Crossmedia AG

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