The Evolution of the Digital Workplace – Office Insights 2017

Rapid innovations in technology are having an enormous impact on today’s office workplace. This year’s Office Insights report explores how digital environments are challenging companies to manage their operations differently and drive business growth.

office-insights-2016-embuUsing data from 2550 Interviews across 24 countries, this report aims to provide insight on current shifts in working practices and the role technology is playing in business change.

The research has found that document printing is still a necessity for today’s businesses, though many have already started investing in digital processing methods to lower print costs.

With information at the heart of every business, automated processing – such as the digitizing of paper documents and workflow apps – is becoming more prevalent. In an effort to protect their new electronic data, companies are investing more money in the necessary IT security solutions.

In addition to these budgeting challenges, the advent of mobile devices and cloud-based storage solutions means more workers are looking to work remotely. This presents it’s own complications, as businesses work to develop the correct framework, culture and IT required to accommodate this. With such remarkable innovation, the digital workplace of tomorrow is certainly starting to take shape..

Key insights:

  • 36% of senior management professionals see scanning as “critical”
  • 45% of organisations will invest in improving document workflows over the next two years
  • Industry analysts predicting a $1 trillion spend on IT security in 2018
  • 93% of respondents believe cloud applications will become the norm

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