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Here’s where we let our customers do the talking. Watch and read our customers’ stories below and find out how our Canon solutions have helped solve real business challenges.

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EH Booth & Co Ltd

As a result of our policy to work where possible with local suppliers, the range and format of the invoices they submit to our stores varies similarly– from hand-written ones to multipage, paper invoices to electronic invoices. The new invoice processing system gives Booths greater functionality with regards to processing the invoices and greater knowledge of the invoices that are circulating within the business.

Steve Sumner, Financial Controller


I wanted something robust, easy to operate and adaptable to our needs. There are lots of well designed solutions available but, for a small business like mine with seven employees, some document management solutions would never pay for themselves.

Friedrich Staller, Managing Director

Nama d.d. Ljubljana


We’re incredibly pleased with our new surveillance system. Since its implementation we’ve significantly reduced theft in the store and have now set ourselves a new goal to reduce that amount even further. The system is easy to use and has enabled us to improve the way we interact with and sell to our customers.

Branka Jerala, Marketing Director


We needed a consultancy approach to gain insights in our customer drivers. What we needed was a resolution and a strategy, but these didn’t appear to exist until Canon Enterprise Services got involved.

Richard Houppermans, Manager of Business Services


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