Canon for Manufacturing


“We now have a firm grip on our accounts payable system and are processing the invoices 40% quicker than before. With the addition of the money saved from the reduced penalty fines, the Canon solution has resulted in a 30% cost saving overall.”

Bert Rijkmans, Information

Communication Executive

Empowering you to be the best

Manufacturers have to tackle increasing amounts of information across complex networks and supply chains.

Canon business solutions and services help you ensure that the right information reaches the right place and the right person at the right time – linking and optimising essential processes and communications internally, across the supply chain and with your customers. This enables you to get products to market more effectively, reduce costs and free up valuable staff time to focus on other, more profitable activities.

So how do you increase your productivity? How do you innovate your information processes, speed up decision-making and reduce lead times - all whilst maintaining compliance obligations and standards expected by customers?

Our solutions and services

As a manufacturer ourselves for over 75 years, and through our conversations with customers, we share your passion for the industry and have a deep understanding of your need to drive innovation, increase productivity, grow profitably – and be the best that you can be.

We have far more to offer manufacturers than just high quality, reliable hardware. This includes a comprehensive portfolio of professional services and support, business solutions and expert consultancy.

Working in partnership we can help you to drive operational efficiencies across the manufacturing value chain and boost business generation, by transforming the way you engage with your customers, manage your business processes and introduce new ways of working. That’s why manufacturers across Europe trust Canon to empower them to achieve their ambitions and be the best in their field.