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Connect your all-in-one office printer to Microsoft applications

Inefficient use of Microsoft applications can be expensive. In some cases it can cost €80 to recreate a two-page paper file in Word and €90 to retrieve a single misfiled document. Canon can help you avoid these costs and use Microsoft applications more effectively.

Your challenges

  • Unleash the valuable information trapped in paper documents
  • Too many steps to get documents into SharePoint
  • Unmanaged and unsecured scanning platform and no visibility of outgoing scanning jobs
  • Difficulty in locating documents once they have been scanned

Our solution

Make the most of your investment in Microsoft Office with Canon. Use our software to scan any paper document to a wide range of Microsoft formats at the touch of a button.

The benefits

Save time by scanning directly into Microsoft SharePoint and make it easier to search for information with a powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Increase productivity by scanning paper documents to Microsoft Office from your Canon device.

Improve security with a complete audit trail of user activity at the scanner.

Enhance the user experience by filing documents in the right location in at the point of scan.

Next Steps

Canon is an Executive Leadership Council Member of the Association of Information and Image Management – AIIM.

The AIIM Executive Leadership Council brings together top thinkers, high performance practitioners and leaders in information management to discuss, define, and direct the future of information management.