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Shiraz Software is a leading provider of professional RIP solution to the large format printing industry since 1996. Shiraz products have been at forefront of latest technologies and cover a wide range of markets from photography to signage applications. 
Shiraz now offer three distinct products range catering for all different markets and production requirements running on Windows and Mac OSX. These products offer an easy upgrade path to a higher one in the range if required.

Shiraz Focus – a unique and low cost solution for the photo & fine art market. Only raster file formats are supported (no Postscript or PDF). A specially designed front end for the photo market allows for easy and fast professional printing. Included as standard is a powerful photo pack editor that allows the users to create their own designs and templates. Easy to install and very intuitive with minimal learning curve. Supports all Canon’s LFP printer range from 17" up to 60".

Shiraz Signature – state of the art RIP program with an integrated layout/server module. Supports raster, Postscript & PDF file formats. Includes very versatile layout, tiling, nesting and full server functionality. Live polling of printer information ensures trouble free production. Supports all Canon large format printers’ makes from 17” to 60”. This product is aimed at start up signage or print for pay operations. The product includes all the features that are required for large format printing.

Shiraz RIP Server - top of the range RIP server with full client/server functionalities and multiple simultaneous printer queues. Aimed at sites with multiple printers and multiple clients. Includes all modules such as the Colour for profiling works and very sophisticated hot queue system for automated work flow.  Supports all printer drivers from 13” to Superwide.
All the products are available for Windows & Mac OSX Universal and support all major European languages. Included as standard is a huge media profile library for all printer models supported. There is a very easy and cost effective upgrade path for these products.

To find out more about Shiraz, click on the logo at the top of the page and visit the company website.

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