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DEVstudio is an Italian software company with 15 years experience in the development of PostScript RIP’s and applications related to printing.

Its development of Power Plotter for Cad & Graphic and Power Proof for Proofing provides the customer with a solution that enables their Canon imagePROGRAF to achieve the results that they expect first time every time.

The fundamental characteristics of being a flexible and dynamic company, with good knowledge of the common force ratio that exists between the technical (research and development) and marketing are the strengths of DEVstudio.

DEVstudio has internally developed their own color engine ensuring colour fidelity is optimized.

Every part of our RIP is developed by DEVstudio:
- The user friendly working interface;
- The powerful module of linearization that allows the management of up to 15 channels separately;
- The new module of Power Profiler (compatible to ICC standard 4.1) enables a wider colour gamut and high chromatic precision. Power Profiler is not a “black box”, strictly connected to the linearization module it maximizes the final result for accurate colour and quality
- And last but not least the innovative software of DEVstudio costs management - Cost Manager can show the real costs of ink and media of any print job, even before printing it offering job quotation on demand

DEVstudio’s software is distinguished by:
- It is simple to use, it’s fast and powerful
- A Lite Version provides a great added value for a price point that allows the customer to start with a solutions that combines DEVstudio’s software and Canon’s imagePROGRAF printers.
- Offering  excellent quality, DEVstudio supports all Canon media optimising  large colour gamut and very low delta E , suitable for Photographic, Proofing and Fine Art markets
- Includes features to increase your productivity and also print settings for economic print (save ink by printing with 4-7 colours)
- Power Plotter is compatible with the complete range of Canon imagePROGRAF large format printers

To find out more about DEVStudio, click on the logo at the top of the page and visit the company website.

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