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The Germany-based Eisfeld Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been in charge of developing the intelligent RIP-solution PosterJet. With a global installed base of more than 40,000 users, it is a leading RIP-solution for Canon large-format printers. The company is headquartered in Cologne and is worldwide one of the most innovative manufacturers of RIP-solutions for large-format printing. The possibilities with PosterJet are as versatile as the variation of jobs in large-format printing.

PosterJet 8 
This software program is a professional, intuitive and easy to use RIP solution that can be effortlessly integrated into existing workflows. The PosterJet product line enables operations such as scaling, cropping, tiling, rotating and size adjustments to be done in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) print preview using only your mouse. The PosterJet RIP solution translates files line by line, therefore enabling information to be continuously sent to the printer as it processes the file. Large files, such as GIS maps, CAD plans, satellite images and graphics-heavy posters, begin printing in seconds, increasing the printer throughput. PosterJet boosts printer productivity to deliver professional results quickly and easily. All products within the PosterJet line come with support for more than 200 file formats including the following: TIFF, HPGL/2, HP-RTL, JPG, BMP, PCX, PSD, GIF, PDF, PS, EPS and more. The product line is divided based on application and output size and include the following:

PosterJet 8 c24 PS
The cost-effective solution for small graphic arts agencies, photographers and artists features extensive functionality and a printing width of up to 24”.

PosterJet 8 c44 PS
The ideal production solution to meet the multifaceted needs of advertising agencies, architects, and engineering agencies this software provides printing capabilities for widths of up to 44”.

PosterJet 8 c60+ PS
When maximum printing width is required, the PosterJet 8 c60+ PS is the ideal production tool. It meets the needs of builders, larger agencies for in-house productions and GIS applications in a seamless manner.

To find out more about Posterjet solutions, click on the logo at the top of the page and visit the company website.

Solutions Compatibility List [PDF, 93 KB]
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