Canon iR 5800C

iR 5800C

The iR 5800C is an intelligent, versatile imaging system that offers workgroups absolute efficiency in black and white and affordable use of colour when they need it.


  • Print, copy, scan & send documents electronicallyAdd controllable colour when you need itProcess jobs easily, send & store information securelyCreate fully finished professional documentsiW Publishing Manager software for mixed document collation

Detailed Features

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Black and white efficiency. With added colour.

The iR 5800C/CN, saves the cost and office space used by separate printers, copiers and scanners. Print documents at 58 pages per minute black and white (16 ppm in colour) and finish in-house without outsourcing. Offset quality colour prints are assured by Canon’s unique S-toner technology.

Affordable, controllable colour.

The iR 5800C/CN is designed to control colour costs. It only prints (and charges for) colour if you select colour. Using Canon’s ID Management you can set volume and cost limits for individual users. With Canon’s Document Accounting intelligence, you can also manage your printer workload more efficiently and allocate print costs to users.

Send and share documents electronically

Use i-Send to scan in colour documents and send them simultaneously to multiple destinations as PDFs, TIFFs, MTIFFs or JPEGs. Save time by using the LDAP feature to access e-mail addresses directly from the company server. And save large colour files from congesting your network, with Canon’s Colour File compression.

Easy to set up and use

Using Canon’s Network Utility software, the ‘print ready’ iR 5800C/CN can be easily set up, configured and managed on your network. For users, the intuitive control panel reduces complex functions to simple steps. The device can also be controlled from the desktop through the Remote User Interface.

Keep information safe

Canon’s advanced security features protect your company data. Access to the device and documents can be restricted by authorised user passwords. Documents can be safely stored in Mailbox before printing, then released for print by you when you’re ready.

For a professional finish

Built-in finishing options include saddle-stitching, stapling and booklets. Use Canon’s innovative iW Publishing Manager software to merge documents from different applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc) - with no manual collation. Then select from a variety of media (up to A3+) and weights (up to 250gsm) for brilliant black and white documents with smart colour.

Product Specification

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