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MEAP - Setting The Standards

MEAP has opened the door to exciting new possibilities for the customisation of multifunctional devices way beyond what has been possible to date.

The industry has already recognised the importance of this development, and has hailed MEAP as the platform which is set to change the way businesses not only think about their document input and output systems, but will ENABLE them to realise these ambitions.

Below are some of the accolades steeped upon MEAP already from industry experts:

"It is clear that Canon, with MEAP is positioned significantly ahead of its competitors, including both Ricoh and Xerox. In fact, no other MFP make is even close when it comes to having such tools." (MFP report, March 2003)

"Canon's introduction of MEAP may prove to be the most significant technology innovation in the office equipment market since the introduction of the first mainstream digital copier." (Cap Ventures, May 2003)

"MEAP represents a significant change in philosophy for the industry as a whole. Manufacturers and vendors in the office equipment industry have tended to focus on strategies that emphasise proprietary systems and solutions, which by their nature tend to benefit the supplier more than the customer. By opening the multi-function platform via MEAP, Canon has cracked open the door to real innovation." (Cap Ventures, May 2003)

"The possibilities for MEAP are currently only limited by the imaginations of MEAP developers and BERTL analysts are excited by this new technology's potential." (BERTL, June 2003 - MEAP, Winner of the Innovation Award)

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MEAP - setting the standards
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