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Technology/Platform Overview

MEAP is a new Canon developed JAVA based application software platform embedded in all Canon's networked iR devices. MEAP provides the iR device with extensive capabilities to add or remove additional application functionality, either at point of device purchase or at a later stage, making all MEAP enabled products future proofed in terms of application development. It also provides opportunities to develop customised software applications for bespoke customer requirements.

MEAP Platform and Architecture

The MEAP platform embedded in the iR device is an application platform that enables the functionality to be added to the MFP. The platform is based on JAVA (J2ME - java 2 Micro Edition), and provides the environment for the applications to run. The platform is embedded to the device firmware in the factory.

  1. Single User Interface / Remote User Interface.
    The Remote User Interface gives access to a specified Canon iR device via the web from anywhere in the world.
    The Single User Interface is a colour display panel located on the top of the iRi device which allows local users to operate, and interact with the machine.
    Both of these interfaces can be totally customised using the Multi-functional Embedded Application Platform using JAVA.
  2. MEAP Applications
    A MEAP application is a JAVA program that runs on the MEAP platform and gives different functionality to the device or interface.  The MEAP applications are independent from the device system software, which means that the applications can be installed/uninstalled to/from the device.  Any single device can have up to 20 MEAP applications installed at one time.  Canon, or third party software developers may create these applications, creating an almost limitless amount of potential applications to provide real business solutions.
  3. JAVA Virtual Machine
    The MEAP platform is based on the JAVA 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) and provides the environment for MEAP applications to run.  Sitting on top of the JAVA Virtual Machine (VM) are several pieces of software used to facilitate application development and device communication.
  4. CPCA
    The Common Peripheral Controlling Architecture is a Canon proprietary protocol and instruction set that is designed to support programming code for handling the physical as well as monitoring and reporting state errors.
  5. Device Operating System
    Built within all Canon iRi devices are a processor and operating system, both required in order that the iRi is capable of operating in the required manner.
  6. Device Hardware
    This layer comprises all of the devices hardware such as finisher, rollers, belts and paper trays.

MEAP Application Development
MEAP offers an exciting opportunity for independent software developers.  It provides unlimited potential for expert skills in the office automation market, to bring true customisation to countless organisations.  Canon have identified and provided a number of tools for our developer partners, and we are keen to hear your plans for this platform.  For full details and to join the Canon Business Solutions Developer Programme visit



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