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Why Work With Canon?

For many years Canon digital equipment has been at the heart of day-to-day office activity in thousands of companies worldwide. Now Canon has built upon these unique relationships and extended the support we offer our customers. Canon's experience and heritage in the provision of document management solutions has ensured that with Canon you are always working with professionals who really understand your business needs.

Canon is continuously developing MEAP embedded applications that run directly on our iRi printer/copier systems. We aim to offer extensive range of MEAP applications not only through Canon's dedicated development team but also through our partnerships with leading software companies and developers across the world. These developer partners have expertise in specific areas of business such as Document Management, and as such are capable to developing applications that let you work the way you want, with profitable results.

If you would like to know more about the developers programme from Canon or if you are a developer looking to work with us, then more details can be found at

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