VarioPrint i300

VarioPrint i300

A highly innovative, high volume colour inkjet sheetfed press that combines the proven inkjet advantages of high productivity with cut sheet versatility and media flexibility.


  • Proven Océ inkjet technology
  • High speed productive printing at up to 304 A4 ipm
  • Print up to B3 (353x500mm) size
  • Up to 12 different stocks per job
  • Expanded media and application range with ColorGrip option
  • Automated workflow for end-to-end productivity
  • Inline finishing (booklet-making, perforating, etc.)
  • Intelligent and automated quality control

Detailed Features

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Extreme application flexibility

VarioPrint i300 cost efficiently and productively combines B&W and colour pages on one single print platform – eliminating the need for dedicated monochrome and colour printing systems. True application flexibility opens up extensive and profitable business opportunities for high quality, print across a wide range of printing applications – from transactional to promotional communication. It also brings the value of white paper solutions to the cut sheet market: eliminating pre-printed forms, reducing inventory and minimising waste.

Innovation with proven technology

VarioPrint i300’s innovative ink jet system incorporates a range of proven Canon technologies for high quality printing on a broad set of media. Its flexible architecture can be easily upgraded with new product extensions, such as ColorGrip, which enables printing on offset/litho coated and uncoated media.

Maximum end-to-end productivity

VarioPrint i300 offers a complete automated workflow and intuitive operation plus robust reliability for fast, uninterrupted production. It consistently delivers impressive production speeds of up to 304 A4 pages per minute on a wide range of media. A patented quick drying system, plus reduced set-up and finishing times and a short start up period, ensure maximum end-to-end productivity.

Versatile and flexible media handling

Enjoy excellent results on wide variety of media including uncoated, inkjet treated, offset uncoated and offset coated papers. Both standard sheets and tab sheets are supported. You can print on media up to B3 size and easily load different papers within or between jobs. The air separated paper feeding system ensure reliable input from the high capacity paper trays as well as smooth switching between different types of media. A seamless high-speed print belt keeps sheets securely in place and flat during transport, and allows productive switching of media sizes with no mechanical adjustments.

Quality assured from start to finish

VarioPrint i300 delivers optimum quality for each application - by controlling drop size you can print at a perceived 1200dpi level. Quality control is intelligent and automated. A “sentry” unit automatically inspects media at full speed, just before printing begins, and purges any sheets which could interrupt production via a top tray - without a production stop. During printing, printhead nozzles are constantly monitored and any failures automatically compensated for to ensure quality results every time.

ColorGrip expands media and application range

The VarioPrint i300 optional ColorGrip feature enables printing on a wider range of media, expanding the application range. ColorGrip enhances the image quality on papers not designed for inkjet, giving these papers a print quality rivalling inkjet treated stocks. Consider the quality of an inkjet treated stock with the paper price of an uncoated offset commodity stock. ColorGrip also expands the media range to include coated offset stocks. Now print jobs can include a variety of coated, uncoated and treated stocks and the printer automatically adjusts the print parameters for each media type on a sheet-by-sheet basis.

Product Specification

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Product Technology Video

Technology innovation

The Océ VarioPrint i300 can not only handle today’s demanding applications with ease, it also offers the industry-leading flexibility and productivity that provides a growth path to the future. Whether you are moving to short-runs, personalised documents, white paper solutions or colour-enhanced monochrome documents, the VarioPrint i300 is ready to help you expand your business with new applications and new customers.

VarioPrint i300

Innovative drying system

Optimised ink

Automatic maintenance

Air assisted paper feeding

Precise sheet control

Sheet entry control

 VarioPrint i300

Innovative drying system suppresses waviness and delivers quality stacked output.

 VarioPrint i300

Optimised ink minimises paper deformations and enables premium quality prints on a variety of media.

 VarioPrint i300

Automatic maintenance cleans print heads when needed without operator intervention.

 VarioPrint i300

Air assisted paper feeding ensures flexible, reliable input from all media trays in any combination.

 VarioPrint i300

Precise sheet control ensures maximum print quality.

 VarioPrint i300

Sheet entry control automatically detects and purges media that could interrupt production.

 VarioPrint i300

Inline quality control offers real time detection and correction of nozzle failures during printing.

ColorGrip expands the range of media to offset coated stocks and improves the quality on uncoated stocks.

Product images are for illustration purposes only. Certain functions are optional. Please refer to the product specifications or contact your Canon sales representative for further details.