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Professional photography

Capture and reproduce stunning detail with confidence, whatever your field, with our advanced range of professional digital SLR cameras, lenses, printers and projectors.

Wedding photography

Today's professional wedding photographer must be innovative and aggressive in their marketing to survive. Discover the ideal products for getting ahead in one of the most competitive areas in the market.  
Wedding photography products 

Studio portrait photography

The classic portrait has come a long way since the introduction of digital, allowing high street and high fashion portrait photographers to invent new looks and new ways to present themselves. Discover the products leading the way to unique and stunning imagery.

Studio portrait photography products 

Events photography

Events photography is one of the fastest growing areas in mainstream professional photography. Attracted by simple set-ups, interesting and varied venues and high relative margins, events photography is a great springboard into earning a living from your camera.

Events photography products 

Commercial photography

Achieve imaginative, high quality photography that captures client products at their best. Discover the Canon products that uncover the detail, stir the imagination and streamlines your workflow, boosting client sales. 

Commercial photography products 

Interior & architectural photography

Shooting interiors and architecture demands a high level of ingenuity, imagination and attention to detail. Discover the products that can achieve incredible image quality under mixed light conditions to bring a scene to life.

Interior & architectural photography products 

Press & sports photography

The high pressure world of the press and sports photographer demands the most robust and reliable kit. Fast, accurate autofocus and the ability to get final quality images to the press room quickly is crucial.

Press & sports photography products 

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