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When a piece of paper travels around the office, who decides which route it takes, how long the process takes, and what tasks are performed?  It’s often difficult to know where the original document is and what the impact is when it gets held up somewhere in the process. Therefore™ Integrated Workflow helps you control all of these variables, allowing business processes to be optimised.

Not only does this save time and money, it helps heighten security and transparency of the process. Therefore™ Business Edition includes workflow functionality and a drag and drop visual workflow designer, which makes it simple to setup and modify.




One of the major drivers for change in document management behaviours is legal compliance and the need of organisations to adopt robust document retention policies. Wrongful destruction of documents can lead to penalties in both civil and criminal cases. On the other hand, data protection laws state that some personal information should be destroyed after it has been used. Therefore™ allows documents to be permanently deleted after a specified retention period, and allows old versions of document to be purged from the server.



Access Control

Access to the Therefore™ system and documents is totally controlled by using three different levels of security. 

1. The main access to the solution is via Microsoft® Windows Active Directory system. This controls the access that users have to their documents and storage areas without the need of a second user name and password. It also makes the IT task easier to manage because rights can be assigned to either the individual or groups of users. 

2. Therefore™ security features allow the administrator to remove options from specific groups of users. This is typically used to stop users annotating or printing documents. 

3. The Rights server is a built in option that allows the use of an external table. The main use of this is to allow varying levels of access within a group. This system makes use of the active directory table first and then allows an administrator to give access to a specific file or document that wouldn’t normally be allowed.

Digital Signatures

A document’s content and origin can only be guaranteed by forgery-secure storage. A digital signature, contained on every document in the Therefore™ server, secures the authenticity of all information. During the retrieval of every document, the Therefore™ server verifies the signature to ensure the user is receiving valid information.


E-mail archiving

With Therefore™ all hard copies, electronic documents and e-mails relating to a particular job or project can be saved and archived in a structured format. This means all e-mail correspondence is available to access and review along with the documents and associated communication on any topic. This is particularly useful since a saved document often tells only half of a story. The other half is told by all the background correspondence.

End users see no difference in their Outlook® User Interface, but they will never run out of capacity.

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