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Photo Print Services

Create stunning, professional photobooks, calendars, greeting cards, posters and signs with Photo Print Services.

Endless ways to generate extra profit

  • Deliver new value added services
  • Create photobooks, cards and more
  • Easy to implement & deploy
  • Strengthen relationships & attract new clients
  • Generate a dramatic return on investment
  • Benefit from Canon’s expertise in the photography market

The market for Photo Print has never looked brighter and is now becoming the ideal opportunity to grow your revenue.

We’ll help you capitalise on this growing market: whether you’re a commercial printer, print for pay specialist, professional photographer or digital fine artist.

Endless benefits
Being competitive and successful in today’s environment means offering something different to everyone else.

With Canon, you can now stand out from the crowd by delivering a suite of easy-to-implement and customised Photo Print Products.
Not only will these strengthen existing customer relationships, they’ll help attract new clients too, creating a dramatic return on your investment.

Easy ways to extra profit
Photo Print Services allow you to provide a complete range of outstanding products for your customers:
Photobooks – Build high quality professional albums within seconds.
Calendars – Create a variety of tailored calendars as part of your portfolio.
Greeting cards – From birthdays to anniversaries to get well messages, we’ll help you profit from this growing market.
Posters and signs – Produce huge, head-turning posters in just a few simple steps.

How print providers benefit – the business model
It’s easy for your customers to build a variety of photo print products from the comfort of their desktop.
Using simple drag and drop software, your customers can generate multiple page “albums” with professional effects in minutes from any desktop.

You simply provide them with the software license. Once they’re happy with the design, the files are uploaded to your print servers, ready for printing in PDF format.

The software comes with a code preventing files being used with other print providers or with a desktop printer, so you’re guaranteed to be producing the final printed product and generating the appropriate revenue. *

Perfect production credentials
Thanks to Canon’s expertise in both professional photography and image reproduction, you can provide a complete end-to-end Photo Print workflow.

Our powerful toner and inkjet print devices ensure vibrant colour photography and fast turnaround are always at the heart of your work.

Choose from on a diverse range of media and complete your masterpieces with many flexible finishing possibilities.

*Revenue is derived from the print production not the software licensing.