Océ PRISMAproduction

Océ PRISMAproduction

The Océ PRISMAproduction Server is a high performance workflow and output management system for transactional, direct mail and graphic arts environments. This server creates a unified platform for mid to high volume high speed printing on a variety of printers from Océ and other vendors. This professional spooling system includes also a vast amount of data conversion and prepress workflow capabilities.


  • Centralized print production management even over multiple print sites
  • Central administration, messaging, accounting and resource handling
  • Data conversion for all industry-standard datastreams
  • Connect to one or multiple cutsheet and continuous feed high speed printing systems
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for local and remote access

Detailed Features

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Versatile high output system

Océ PRISMAproduction is a highly productive, high-performance workflow and output management system for commercial and corporate printing environments. This system serves high production customers as a powerful and reliable base for their prepress and output environment. Océ PRISMAproduction provides a unified – converged – platform for mid to very high volume transaction printing as well as for publishing-type document printing. Besides its output management capabilities Océ PRISMAproduction is also a highly competitive workflow management platform enabling customers to setup their entire workflows on a stable and proven system.

Product Specification

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