A single, highly scalable and integrated workflow management solution, PRISMAdirect streamlines the entire print production process, simplifying job acquisition, reducing overheads and increasing productivity.


  • Accept and process jobs from a variety of sources, thanks to an Outlook plug-in, integration with uniFLOW and connection to existing webshops; create your own customised web shop using the optional Webshop Module
  • Single overview to manage workflow of orders and jobs via an easy to use, customisable and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Scalable solution that can be configured to meet the evolving needs of any size or type of printing facility
  • Automated workflow speeds up the production of predictable and repetitive jobs
  • Achieve maximum interoperability with third-party solutions through use of open market standard Adobe PDF and JDF/JMF interfaces
  • Flexible and automated end user communication enhances customer relationships with the capability to send personalised emails
  • Protect your current printing investment with support for a broad range of Canon, Océ and third party production printers
  • Easily assign jobs to specific operators and to different locations for maximum productivity

Detailed Features

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Streamline your production workflow

PRISMAdirect is a highly scalable management solution that enables print facilities to streamline their entire production workflow with one single application. With PRISMAdirect you can easily acquire, process, manage and fulfil smaller, more numerous and diverse print jobs from a variety of channels. Plus you can maximise productivity by automating the preparation and production of predictable and repetitive jobs. Advanced colour detection tools allow jobs to be split by colour, while load balancing based on printer clusters allows the most efficient and cost effective distribution of jobs among available printers.

Grow and control your business

PRISMAdirect enables you to acquire jobs from a wide variety of sources, and process and manage them in one central solution, increasing operational efficiency and driving business growth. The Order Processing Console is a customisable and intuitive web-based interface that’s accessible from anywhere, at any time – so you can quickly and easily acquire more jobs and manage both print and non-print jobs smoothly from start to finish. Meanwhile the optional Webshop Module (now mobile optimised) offers fully customisable and unlimited storefronts to retain existing customers and attract new business. You can also build stronger relationships with your customers by sending them automated and personalised emails using PRISMAdirect’s outstanding customer communication features. Flexible and scalable, PRISMAdirect can be customised to meet your exact needs both now and in the future as your business grows. Enjoy greater control over costs with accounting and reporting capabilities that provide accurate financial insights into business performance and generate customised analysis.

Optimise existing resources

PRISMAdirect links to and enhances existing workflows, integrating and streamlining them via standard JDF/JMF interfaces so you can continue working with your current software systems. It offers a broad range of support for production printer controllers, such as PRISMAsync, EFI Fiery and CREO as well as other third party devices, so you can get the most out of your existing print fleet, and easily integrates wide format printers into existing workflows. PRISMAdirect also provides advanced print management via integration with the PRISMAsync Remote Manager. The latest release of PRISMAdirect now also offers shipping provider integration with pricing, shipment label printing and tracking, with support for leading providers - DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS.

Product Specification

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